Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Favorite Bird Blogs

It is always fun to discover a new blog created about birds. It is a voyage of discovery which continually adds new information about how people enjoy the immensely satisfying hobby of bird watching and bird feeding. "My Favorite Blogs" is a new section I've added to share links to bird blogs. You'll find it over there in the right column. I imagine as time passes I'll discover blogs that may stray a bit from birds ... however, the main purpose for adding this new section is to share links to blogs that focus on birds. Two long term favorites are The Night of the Kingfisher and I and the Bird.

Just recently I've received comments from two new visitors to my blog. Contacts such as these are most welcome because I enjoy meeting new friends and learning the ways in which they enjoy their bird hobby. These new friends have great blogs which I'm sure you will enjoy. The photographs are incredible and the weblog discussions are just wonderful. I'm happy to add them to my list of favorite blog links. Look for Local Birds from Melbourne Australia authored by John Archer, and Easy Bird Watching Basics authored by John Lynn from Singapore. John Lynn's blog is reached by clicking the link which opens his website ... then search the nav bar for his blog.

Seeing the wonderful photos on these blogs has generated a lot of enthusiasm for learning more about my digital camera so I can take some great photos of my own.

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Mike said...

Thanks for the link, Shari. I hope you'll be contributing to I and the Bird again in the near future!