Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Forward ... and the New Chickens

Christmas 2010 has come and gone and January 1, 2011 is 2 days away.  Oh my gosh 2010 is almost history ... time sure has a way of flying by doesn't it?  With thoughts directed toward the New Year I'm filled with anticipation about the expansion of BirdWatchin'.com to provide full-service to those of us that love backyard bird feeding and bird watching in general.  While it will take a lot of time and commitment to bring a full complement of supplies and other goodies to the website, work will begin shortly and will continue to grow until the literally hundreds of exciting products fill the cyber-aisles of BirdWatchin'.com.

To be honest, the long delay accomplishing the full-service aspect for BirdWatchin'.com has been frustrating, but is entirely due to the time commitment it has taken to bring to the point of full service for those of us that are devoted to our pet birds.  But with the new year approaching and Spring just beyond, I can't  help but want to show all  my backyard bird feeding friends how easy it is to invite and provide for wild birds with the great selection of feeders, houses, food, baths and so much more we will be offering!  I'm beginning to acquire some great new stuff for my own backyard to add to old favorites ... what fun it will be to watch our bird visitors discover all that is new.

As anyone who has visited my blog in the past knows I'm a devoted Mom to a fairly large family of pet birds including Macaws, Cockatoos, an African Grey, Golden Conures and Lesser Jardine Parrots.  They are my life ... along with also being Mom to a Mini Aussie, Mini Dachshund and four "inside" cats.  Yes, it's a large family of critters, but we actually did some recent increasing with the addition of 8 hens.  The new chickens were brought home at 2 weeks of age (more about them to come).  I'm mention the new hens because they are birds ... and also pets.  Although it will be unique to have them provide for us (i.e. eggs) rather than us just providing for them :).  However, with only 2 humans in our household I fully expect to be supplying my neighbors with eggs, too!  That will be fun.  Until we became involved with these hens I had no idea about the growing interest that city people have in keeping chickens in their backyard.  Many city ordinances have been changing to accommodate the growing interest.  But just so you know, we don't reside the "city" ... it is nearby, but we are able to live in a more semi-rural area.  But I think it is fascinating that city-folks are getting into the hobby of keeping chickens for the eggs they provide.

It will take time to grow BirdWatchin'.com according to plan ... but I hope you'll return to watch the change.  And you might even find an item or two to help attract feathered visitors to your backyard and increase your enjoyment of them.