Thursday, September 29, 2005

Be Careful Where You Sit

I've really dropped the ball, so to speak. I never intended to have such a long delay between posts. My excuse this time is being 100 percent focused on lots of home projects and yard work. I love the results of all the hard work, but am frustrated about ignoring the computer-side of my life for so many days. I thought my next weblog would be about my backyard bird feeding experiences. Actually, I'd planned to chat about feeding American Goldfinches, but I'll leave that for next time.

I have an unusual lifestyle to some. I've been married forever ... or so it seems. The unusual part is that my other-half lives in New York full-time because of work, while I Iive in California. I'm a CA native and prefer being "at home" in San Diego. What can I say other than that. Anyway, my husband is out here on vacation and wanted to pick up some medical supplies in Mexico while on the west coast. So off we went. Once we reach the international line the visit over the border usually takes about an hour or so. But we had to wait for delivery of the products my husband was buying. The delay meant time to grab a bite to eat. For anyone who has visited the area just across the border you probably know what shopping and/or eating in the border area is like. As we crossed a courtyard to find food, employees working in the various restaurants rushed over to convince us their eating place was the best. The guy tooting a horn (for attention) practically grabbed and drug us to his tables. We chose a table set outside so we could enjoy the beautiful weather. Just after my Margarita was served the "bomb" dropped. I'm not sure what kind of bird it was but we were served with a very unwelcome, very large "splotch" from above as the bird flew over. I guess I don't have to be any more graphic. Most of the splotch fell on my husband and I got enough have a mildly unpleasant experience ... and have my Strawberry Margarita ruined. The responsible culprit was a seagull. So I bet you can imagine how big the splotch was that covered my husband. Thank God he had a ball cap on his head. But all was not lost ... we cleaned up, moved inside and sat at a protected table. But I guess to be truthful our appetites were a bit ruined. A fresh Margarita was in order and helped to fade the experience slightly. Eating alfresco is great as long as you can see the humor in unexpected events. No problem for me ... I share my life with pet birds, lol. Although I must say in defense of my pet parrots that all together they don't even come close to the mess one seagull can make.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Blog Carnival for Bird Lovers

It has been such a busy week with virtually no time to devote to Birdwatchin' Buzz. A sad state of affairs to be sure. However, I do want to to leave this short, but important note. For all of you that love birds and reading blogs about birding experiences don't miss the 5th edition of I and the Bird. For those of you who haven't discovered I and the Bird . . . it is a blogging carnival for people that love birds. Birdwatchin' Buzz was invited to submit a blog to this edition . . . a first for me. And what a crowd of talented and interesting writers I found myself among. Whew! You'll discover that John (of DC Birding Blog) who is the host of this 5th issue has cleverly listed the blogs in the format of a conference agenda . . . including shade-grown coffee breaks, time for lunch, etc. It adds to the fun! Don't miss I and the Bird . . . you'll really enjoy it!