Friday, September 02, 2005

Blog Carnival for Bird Lovers

It has been such a busy week with virtually no time to devote to Birdwatchin' Buzz. A sad state of affairs to be sure. However, I do want to to leave this short, but important note. For all of you that love birds and reading blogs about birding experiences don't miss the 5th edition of I and the Bird. For those of you who haven't discovered I and the Bird . . . it is a blogging carnival for people that love birds. Birdwatchin' Buzz was invited to submit a blog to this edition . . . a first for me. And what a crowd of talented and interesting writers I found myself among. Whew! You'll discover that John (of DC Birding Blog) who is the host of this 5th issue has cleverly listed the blogs in the format of a conference agenda . . . including shade-grown coffee breaks, time for lunch, etc. It adds to the fun! Don't miss I and the Bird . . . you'll really enjoy it!

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