Monday, September 17, 2007

New Blog ... Pet Bird Buzz!

I've decided I really need to clone myself, lol. That doesn't mean that I'm in great need or anything so dramatic ... it just would help to have more than one of me to do everything I either want or need to do. I suppose that is a common feeling among most people in today's world.

One of the reasons I feel need for a clone is to do a better job making posts to my blogs. After starting my first blog ... which admittedly was a little scarey in the beginning ... I've found it to be fun and kind of relaxing and stress-relieving. Blogging provides an avenue to "talk" about things wandering around in my mind and I feel better after chatting about the bird related things in my life. But because I have a lot on my agenda at the present time I'm not finding the time to post as often as I'd like to. Thus the need for a clone.

Since I've been pressed for time it was strange to find myself sitting down at the computer a few days ago and creating a second blog. However, I'd been thinking about creating it ... with a focus on pet birds ... for sometime and I suppose I found myself working on it because it was a pleasant diversion and the comfortable thing to do at the moment. The new blog is called Pet Bird Buzz! The word "buzz" means news to me as it relates to creating posts, so that is why I've used it in the title of both my blogs. If your love of birds extends to those we keep as pets come and visit the new blog. If you have comments or interesting pet bird experiences to share I hope you'll leave comments. One of the enjoyable things about having a passion that others enjoy is connecting and sharing information and experiences.

As far as my summer backyard bird visitors go ... the Orioles raised their family and have definitely departed ... perhaps it was time to start heading south. The Blue Jay now has the grape jelly feeder all to himself and is definitely taking full advantage. I'm beginning to wonder if grape jelly is all that good for him when he eats it throughout the day. I'm trying to keep the peanut feeder full to give him some food to cache away and to create a diversion from the jelly. But he takes ALL the peanuts to hide them away and does so until the peanut feeder is empty ... then its back to the grape jelly. I think this bird is becoming a bit spoiled, lol.

After going missing for most of the summer, with only an occasional visit, the male peacocks are back almost on a daily basis. Other than hanging around the front door (to look at their reflection in the glass panes) I'm glad to have them back. Having them at the front door just means cleaning up a little more bird poop ... which I have enough of with my pet birds, lol. Oh well, I suppose its okay since long along I had to admit that I'm a bird slave. But, I'm not complaining ... even the best life has to offer isn't always perfect.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So What's My Excuse This Time?

The answer to that question boils down to just an extension of my last excuse. It's pretty embarrassing to make another entry that doesn't start off talking about birds ... but rather just to explain the absence of posts. It has everything to do with the continued work on the new BirdCagePortal website, which is now fully functional ... if not complete. It probably never will be truly "finished" because new products and content will be continually added. However, the pet bird supply shoppers have found it and seem to like what it offers. It is still sadly lacking in the kind of basic bird care information that I hope to include. So much to do ... so little time, lol. Anyway, it is progressing, however slowly. That is just the nature of website development.

Anyway, it has been a delightful summer of backyard bird observation. Once again our feeders were graced with the presence of Hooded Orioles ... with the added pleasure of having a pair raise a new family, once again. These birds love grape jelly and that seems to keep them coming back. I put up jelly feeders prior to their arrival in the spring and keep them up past the time they leave just to make sure they know they can depend on me, lol! Anway, I think I should buy stock in Welch's or Smuckers for the amount of grape jelly we purchased this year. It was much more than last year ... so perhaps we had more than one pair staking out the feeder. I've wondered whether last year's offspring might have wandered back in addition to the parents. It really was fun watching the parents bring their babies to the feeder. The little guys would hang on to the feeder and beg their parent to feed them. Finally, they caught on and began diving into the jelly themselves.

The jelly feeder holds a small plastic cup within a wooden platform and has a pitched roof over the top. The platform isn't very large so it was entertaining to watch one parent and two chicks trying to balance themselves on the feeder at the same time on a couple of occasions.

The only competition for the jelly continues to be our resident blue jay. I believe he watched the orioles and decided what was good enough for them was perfect for him, too. Just a couple of days ago we had some unwelcome competition from an ant colony who I believe were on the march to find water during a horrendous heat spell we are still experiencing. Believe it or not, the temperature has been in the low 100's eventhough we aren't more than 15 miles to the ocean ... as the crow flies. We haven't had ant problems until this very hot weather arrived. The ants were crawling over the jelly feeder on one day ... which perhaps discouraged the orioles from feeding ... but they were gone the next. Perhaps they were being urged on in their search for some water. I haven't seen the orioles since and I'm not sure if the ants discouraged them or it was time to begin heading south. I can't remember when they left last year, perhaps it was about this time.

The photo above is of my jelly feeder sans orioles. Actually, it is very difficult to get any photo (good or bad) of the birds at the feeder because they are very nervous by nature and fly off at the slightest movement or site of a human. Although I must admit they were a little more tolerant this year than last. But still impossible to photograph. Perhaps next year I'll be lucky enough to have them trust a little more. We'll see.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A New Website!

It's been another long vacation from blogging. My last post was months ago ... I can't believe how weeks fly by. In a way, it seems like yesterday when I wrote that I was back to my a regular schedule of sharing my backyard birding life. Then poof! ... all of sudden so much time has flown by I have to admit my intention failed. I have an excuse ... it seems legitimate to me ... but doesn't go very far to reduce the guilt I feel in failing in my commitment to blog about wild birds. I suppose I'm the only one that really cares, but I really do feel bad mostly because I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences about birds.

So what is my excuse this time? Well, rather than coping with sick relatives this time it has everything to do with birds. As some who have read my previous posts may have discovered, my bird passion includes pet birds. I have a family of them ... and it has been an amazing experience for the past 22 years. So what has been taking all my time to the point of failing to keep up my blog? I got an idea some months ago to create another website ... one focused on pet birds.

As you may know my first website Birdwatchin'.com is about bird watching and backyard birds.
I loved putting that website together ... there's something about spending long hours that involve your passion that makes it not seem like work. But creating only fulfilled a part of my focus on birds. Yes, I did share some stuff about my own birds the the website, but just a little. So I've decided to create this other pet bird website and that is what has been taking all my time. For anyone who has created a website you know how all encompassing such a project is ... sometimes to the detriment of other important interests. And so it was with me.

Anyway, I'm finally nearing the point of submitting the new website to search engines which means I'm close to finalizing the basic part of the site. So what is this new site about. Well, my intention is to have it become a place to get good pet bird care information, resources and great products at big savings. If you're a pet bird owner you should check it out.

Currently the website's product line consists of a large selection of quality bird cages, including stainless steel. But I'll soon be adding play stands, cage covers, a good selection of various pet bird accessories, bird toys, etc. You know, all the stuff pet bird parents must have to create that special environment their pet needs.

To keep the website current with pet bird news and fun stuff bird people enjoy there will be a free newsletter. Again, it will be edited
by none other than one of my favorite bird pals, David Jeffrey.

If you are a pet bird owner you can visit this budding website at You might want to bookmark the site so you can re-visit and watch it develop. I'll make another announcement when it is fully functional and not only ready for visitors, but shoppers, too! Hope you like it ... and if you're inclined give me your input or suggestions I'd love to hear from you. There's a contact form on the website ....and there will be Live Support when the site is fully functional. I really want to makeBirdCagePortal a website you'll enjoy visiting on a regular basis.