Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bird Gardening

Here in Southern California -- the San Diego area to be exact -- we've enjoyed a very mild winter, so far. The weather has been mostly sunny and the temperature at the moment is 64 with the 70's predicted for next week. The only thing we need a lot more of is rain. Sitting at my window looking at the bright sun shining through the palm trees makes me contemplate spring. And thoughts of spring get my juices flowing for working in the yard ... replanting pots, trimming back hedges, pruning the numerous palm trees, as well as general maintenance. The two Hong Kong orchid trees will have to wait for their "haircut" until summer since winter is their season to bloom. For that reason summer can't come soon enough as these trees are looking shaggy.

Anyway, I'm giving thought to what might be added to my garden to make it more bird friendly, with the goal of attracting more species. Perhaps planting to attract insects will help some, too. These thoughts make me wonder if you like to birdscape. Do you garden for birds? If so, I'd sure be interested in learning about your experience. Here are a few questions in case you would like to leave your comments. Just click on the comment button below. Any other thoughts would be most welcome, too.

Why do you garden for birds?

What motivates you to spend all the time and energy it takes to develop and maintain a bird garden?

Do you design and plant to attract specific species? If so, what have you done?
I'm very interested in learning about your experience. It will help me do the best for the birds visiting my yard. And I'm sure your comments would also be of interest to others visiting this weblog.

I've created a page on dedicated to bird gardening. As more time is available I'll be expanding the information there. So you may want to visit and allow me to share my thoughts and experience with you.

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