Monday, June 20, 2011

New Hummingbird Feeders

As with most folks that enjoy feeding wild birds I love attracting Hummingbirds to my yard.  When my hummingbird feeders were originally offered I found that placing them near each other ... that is, where the birds could see each other visiting a feeder caused more than usual aggressiveness between the birds.  Successful feeding meant placing the feeders where the birds didn't feel competition from each other.  In order to do this so I could easily view the birds meant I could only hang two feeders.  While I intend to experiment by adding another in the near future, right now I still only have two.

The problem with my current feeders is the difficulty cleaning them.  Frankly, with my busy schedule the cleaning difficulty discourages me from changing the nectar often as recommended ... although I manage to do it, it isn't fun.   I've thought about replacing the feeders for quite awhile, but until recently hadn't come across a feeder style I liked that was also easy to clean.  That is, until now.

One of the bonuses of having a wild bird business such as BirdWatchin'.com, is the continual discovery of the thousands of products offered to wild bird feeding enthusiasts.  Because I'm currently growning the site with the addition of bird watching supplies it has provided the opportunity to find the new hummingbird feeders I'm planning to hang in my yard today.  Not only does this new feeder ... most importantly ... provide the ability to be quickly, easily cleaned with a design safe for the birds, but is also in my opinion quite beautiful!

My old feeders were the bottle-style with a very small opening to fill the feeder which also caused the difficulty in cleaning the feeder easily.  Because of it's vertical style it also blocked the view when Hummers fed on the opposite side from where I was trying to view them.  The new feeders have a horizontal satellite style which affords a full view of the birds no matter what port they feed from.

Unless my schedule goes awry today, I intend to put the new feeders up and see what the birds think of their beautiful new banquet tables :).  I have a feeling they'll be pleased!

Next on  my agenda to accommodate these backyard visitors is yet another feeder.  I'm gong to install the third one just outside my office window so I won't miss the Hummers while I'm working.  This feeder will be a different style and is touted to be the "best hummingbird feeder" ... hmmm ... we'll see.  At least I'm assured it will be easy to clean with its wide-mouth opening.  It sure won't beat the beauty of the ones I intend to hang today.  But if it provides a way to attract more Hummingbirds then I'll be a fan.  More on this new feeder in an upcoming post.

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