Friday, April 14, 2006

Lake Henshaw Bald Eagle

I remain frustrated with my inability to go to Lake Henshaw for a personal look at the Bald Eagle chick. The last update I mentioned about the progress at the nest was on March 25th. You'd think between then and now I could find the time to drive to the lake. But, nope . . . it hasn't been in the cards for me. The reason? My stepdad, who is the guy that is helping me set up a digiscope to photograph the nest activity found himself unexpectedly in the hospital. That visit led to open heart surgery on March 10th. Needless to say, his needs have been at the top of my agenda . . . especially since he came home on April 1st. Hospital visits and nursing care have take up much of my time. Besides I couldn't go up to visit the nest without him, and he isn't quite ready to travel. But I expect that he'll be able to go along with me in the next week or so.

In the meantime, I receive emails about observations of the nest that other birders have had. But I kind of dropped the ball, since the last report I read was back on April 9th. So better late than never -- here is that observation:

" . . . watched the Bald Eagle chick at Lake Henshaw being fed a large fish (at least 16 inches long) this a.m. The adult fed the young and removed the fish carcass within 3/4 hr. It then brought grass into the nest."

I hope by the time I'm able to view the nest I'll see something at least as interesting. If good fortune smiles on me maybe I'll return with a photo or two to share.


glynne41 said...

Anyone know the best time of day to go and observe these amazing birds? Can you see them using just binoculars?

Shari said...

I haven't been able to visit the eagle nest for a couple of months due to illness in the family. I haven't seen any recent postings about the current status of the nest by anyone since my last blog about the eagles. By now the eaglet has fledged, given the time that the activity at the nest was discovered. I'm not sure if the eagles are still in the nest area so I can't answer your question. However, it is very possible to view the nest from the road without binoculars ... but you would need them to get a good look.