Monday, February 27, 2006

A Hummingbird Nest

I've been planning my backyard to encourage my wild bird visitors raise a family. I'm really looking forward to observing wild birds behavior as it pertains to rearing babies. I've had the amazing personal experience of raising four Umbrella Cockatoos some years ago. Raising those babies was a real eye-opener because I learned first hand what labor-intensive work it is to get a baby bird to the fledging point. And that's just the beginning of the needs of a young bird until it is ready to survive by itself. Knowing first-hand about the work it takes makes my desire to help the wild birds stronger because they also have the challenge of survival.

I don't remember any other experience that was as rewarding as watching my baby Umbrellas grow up. Only another person who has participated in such an event will really understand what I mean about reward. So with those memories well entrenched I've been trying to decide what kinds of bird house/nestboxes (how many and where) I should put up. While doing my research I came across a nesting platform made especially for hummingbirds. I didn't know such a thing existed. Anyway, when I saw it I knew I had to have it. Only one time in my life have I seen a nest of hummingbirds. There were 2 babies in the nest. They were so tiny -- frankly, I was transfixed as I stood there watching them. But the sad thing was ... a wind storm came the very next day and destroyed the nest. I could find nothing left. It broke my heart and I've never forgotten it.

So I'm thinking ... hmmm! perhaps this hummingbird nest platform will be just the ticket to accomplish two goals:
  • The platform may provide a sturdy base for the hummingbird to build her nest and help prevent the kind of tragedy I encountered before.
  • If I choose the place for mommy hummingbird to build her nest ... then I'll know where to find the baby hummingbirds. Being so small, hummingbird nests are hard to find ... but I'll know where to look.
The success of providing the nest will depend on where I put it. The hummingbird is going to have to like it's location ... that's for sure. So I'll do some more research about what type of environment and location is the best. Then this new adventure will begin.


Linda said...

I'm thinking about buying a platform for hummingbird nesting myself. There's a few different ones out there. Let me know when you get one and let me know how it works out (i.e. pros/cons of the particular one you've purchased)! Thanks and good luck!

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Amy said...

I came across your blog as I searched for hummingbird-related journals. Best of luck with your "hummingbird house." I've seen the same item and am very interested, too. I'm lucky enough that a hummingbird decided to build her nest in a bush behind my house, but I'd like to see the next nest on a more secure perch, one that a wind storm couldn't dislodge.

I'll be watching your blog and hoping for happy news!

Tanakasan said...

it's beautiful...