Sunday, December 04, 2005

Feeding Finches

I love my newest finch feeder. Actually, it is correctly described as a nyjer feeder. It is a cylinder shape and large enough to feed quite a few birds at a time. Before getting this feeder I was feeding goldfinches with stocking feeders. Those feeders are just what the name implies. They are sacks that the birds can cling to and extract the nyjer seed through the mesh. Unfortunately, my experience with the stockings wasn't a particularly good one. Not that there is anything wrong with the best-made stocking feeders ... there isn't. I just chose the wrong ones and eventually the mesh gave way allowing too much seed to be lost. With that experience behind me, I decided to try a style made of metal. I'm sure one made of wood would be a good choice, too.

A picture of my feeder is shown above ... and just look at all the finches on it. Now you know why I love it. It is large enough to accommodate quite a few birds. The highest count I've made so far is 17 feeding at one time. With so many birds in the yard this feeder is perfect for helping me get an accurate count of the finches for Cornell Lab of Ornithology Project Feeder watch which I'm participating in.

As you can see, the birds love this sturdy type of feeder. And it is good that it has a roof over the seed to protect it from the weather this winter. Granted, we don't have that much rain in Southern California ... but when we do I know that the majority of my seed won't get soaked. This type,
or a polycarbonate feeder, would be especially welcome in the wetter parts of the country.

So I'm basically all set for bird feeding. I've got a great source for feeders, and
bird houses all the other stuff that makes my hobby so easy and fun. And even better, I no longer have to run to the store when I'm out of bird seed. I just go online and buy top quality seed, an important step in saving money and eliminating waste. But better yet, it doesn't even cost as much as it would if I went to my favorite bird store ... and the shipping is free, too! Hmmm! Now how could I find an easier, more convenient, and fun hobby than bird feeding. The bottom line: I couldn't!

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Very nice journal. I love to watch birds and enjoy your articles and photos.